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We contains best matrimonial script to start your own wedding serviceportal it provides you high quality PHP Matrimonial Script that has beenempowering webmasters to start their new profitable online matrimonyWe add the most fashionable services on the web which is matrimonial profileposting and partner search websites. This is your chance to provide theseservices to the vast audience of match-seekers. The matrimonial managementapplication allows potential brides and grooms to place their profiles andsearch partner profiles for a cost.Matrimonial script is ready to run script. If you are going to start your onlinematrimonial website then Php Matrimonial Script is the best choice for you.This script enables you to run your own profitable matrimony website withinfew hours.This script provides powerful features required for owner to Manage useraccounts, contact details, upgrading membership, My matches, AcceptedMembers, favorites, interests and members looking for and in. Members canSearch members based on various criteria like mother tongue, country, state,city, Religion and caste. At Admin level our matrimonial script offer powerfuladmin functionality by which administrator can Change Website Name,Website Path and Manage users Email Address. Administrators can send mailto the registered members.Payment features include sales invoice, Sales Receipts, Consolidated Accounts.summary, Renewal of paid members, Payment Gateway integration.

This is a very powerful online matrimony management package system that we've developed exclusively and user friendly. User will be able to search, update, add/remove, and edit their profiles from database. In addition, users can also add/delete/change descriptions, upload images/photos. Some very exclusive features which we can add is Search engine optimization, free classifieds, directories and Google AdSense integration with link and banner adds.Site’s Admin will have features such as fully Customized and protected Admin’ area. They can Edit/Delete Member Profiles, Change Admin passwords, Conversion from free to paid, Rejection or Approval of membership, Photo upload and many others. The registered member will have feature such as management of membership info, their account info, details, change partner profile, edit own profile, Upload their own photo, Upload Horoscope, Current job and designation, Partners Preference, Family info (Father, Mother, Siblings). They will also have options of quick and smart search, Search by profile ID, Occupation and Educational qualification.General site Feature includes CAPTCHA for security, Favicon, News ticker, Social book marking, Update Special page, Unique Design. We can also add reporting modules such as inactive member report, Customized export to Excel format, reports of users by city/gender/country, viewing profiles by Religion, Admin quick search profiles.

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“Your high level solutions were robust, scalable and very efficiently integrated great technology features and I must say at an optimal cost giving a higher performance rate. This has provided me an extra edge while competing with other stalwarts in this industry. I certainly appreciate and recommend your programming team.

Thanks” Sagar Delhi


“It is actually a pleasure to work with you. I’m completely satisfied in dealing with you. I have no problem. Everything is working fine.  The entire design is cool. The site being partitioned to few sections (tabs), the catchy color selection, the formal ‘Verdana’ font selection.. Everything was cool. I really liked those””

Sama; NewJersey